The Washington Redskins are facing off with the Dallas Cowboys today!

The Washington Redskins vs. The Dallas CowboysIt's no secret that the Washington Redskins need to win this week 7 match-up as the NFC East is still very much up for grabs.  Growing up the Washington DC area, anyone and everyone knows that the Cowboys is the number one rival game for the Skins.  After living in the Dallas area, I think the Redskins are just one of the teams considered to be rivals as the New York Giants may be in the number one spot.  Either way, it's a division game and it's almost like winning twice when you win in your division because the other team takes the loss.  This is going to be a great match-up and I tell you why right now.
First, the Redskins are due for a breakout game with Alex Smith who has been pretty quite since the severe butt kicking by the Saints on Monday night.  I look for Smith to have a big game against the stingy Dallas defense and I also predict Adrian Peterson goes off.  AP is coming into the game today with a few injuries but not…

2018 NFL lines week 6 10/11/18

The two notable games that I would like to point out right now is the Seahawks/Raiders and the Chiefs at Patriots.  I've got the Raiders and the Chiefs in this one.  I'd also like to congratulate the Thursday night picks which have been almost flawless!  Great job on that!

Eagles at Giants +3 45
Cardinals at Vikings -11 43
Chargers at Browns PK 46
Bears and Dolphins +1 44
Panthers at Redskins -1 45.5
Colts at Jets -3 45.5
Steelers at Bengals -3 54.5
Bucs at Falcons -3.5 57
Seahawks at Raiders +1 47
Bills at Houston -10 41
Rams at Denver +7 52.5
Jaguars at Cowboys +1 41.5
Ravens at Titans PK 42
Chiefs at Patriots -3.5 58
49ers at Packers -10 46.5

2018 NFL lines week 5 10/4/18

What do you think is going to happen this week?  Last week we had a tie......  (I think Laura won on the very last game)  Me 15-14-1 and Laura 16-13-1

Colts at Patriots -10.5 53.5
Ravens at Browns +1 47
Jaguars at Chiefs -3 48.5
Titans at Bills +3 39.5
Giants at Panthers -7 44
Broncos at Jets -1 43.5
Falcons at Steelers -4 56.5
Packers at Lions PK 51.5
Dolphins at Bengals -5.5 50
Raiders at Chargers -7 51.5
Cardinals at 49ers -5.5 41
Vikings at Eagles -3 44.5
Rams at Seahawks -7.5 49
Cowboys at Texans -3.5 45.5
Redskins at Saints -7 51

Obviously since I'm a Redskins fan I'm thinking that getting the points with the Skins is a lock.  The other game that is grabbing my attention is the Browns at home!  Have fun and stay safe this weekend as there is many great sporting events going on from Hockey to major league post season baseball.  GO ASTROS!

2018 NFL lines for week 4 9/26/18

Well it looks like we have another winning selection made by the boss!  We closed out pretty tight again last week with Laura getting 14-18 and me with a slightly better score of 17-15.  Great job over all and let's get something done here while the @Washington Redskins have a by week.  Check out this weeks games and let's see if your fearless leader can remain above 500 for the 3rd week in a row.

Vikings at Rams -7 47.5
Dolphins at Patriots -7.5 48
Texans at Colts -1.5 47.5
Bengals at Falcons -5.5 48
Bills and Packers -10.5 44.5
Lions at Cowboys -3.5 44
Jets at Jaguars -9 38
Bucs at Bears -2 48.5
Eagles at Titans +3 42
Seahawks at Cardinals +3 37.5
Browns at Raiders -2 44.5
49ers at Chargers -9.5 47
Saints at Giants -+3 50
Ravens at Steelers -3 48.5
Chiefs at Broncos +5 55

Here's what we're looking like and right off the best I would have to say that my lock is Saints and Browns

Me 15-14-1 and Laura 16-13-1

2018 NFL lines for week 3 9/20/18

This week has brought about a bunch of trades, injuries and substitutions as the Redskins picked up a few receivers, Aaron Rogers is still hurt, Josh Gordon signed with the Pats and the Browns still have a fan from the stadium kicking their field goals.  I'm also proud to announce that I won last week and picked 4 games over average.  Let's see how this week goes down and remember that we're not professionals, we're just trying to have fun.  :)

Jets at Cleveland -3.5 40
Indianapolis at Philadelphia -7 48
Cincinnati at Carolina -3 44
Tennessee at Jacksonville -6.5 39.5
New Orleans at Atlanta -3 53.5
Denver at Baltimore -5 43
Giants at Houston -3 43
Oakland at Miami -4 44
Green Bay at Washington +2.5 47.5
Buffalo at Minnesota -16.5 40.5
San Francisco at Kansas City -5.5 54.5
Chargers at Rams -7.5 48.5
Chicago at Arizona +5 48.5
Dallas at Seattle -3 42.5
New England at Detroit +7.5 46
Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay +2.5 50

Final Scoring:
Ron 17-15
Laura 14-18


Washington Redskins vs. Green Bay Packers This season surprisingly started off with a win for the Washington Redskins and D.C. fans were buzzing with anticipation for this upcoming season.  Yesterday however the ugly lack of performance that Skins fans are used to revealed it's ugly head again.  Seriously, it's not an unfamiliar experience to take a downturn which the season ticket sales have reflected as well.  Year after year of disappointments after RGKnee took us to the playoffs has poisoned the fan base leaving only loyal "long suffering" gladiators.  Week 3 of the 2018 season has the Redskins about to face the nearly unbeatable Aaron Rogers led Packers and the Skins are surely looking at loss number 2 if there isn't a change.

With attendance down at an all time low, the Redskins need to do more than win.  In my opinion, there's only one great WR available since the New England Patriots picked up Josh Gordon an hour ago and his name is Dez Bryant.  Would …

2018 NFL Lines for week 2 9/12/18

Well it was a pretty sad and embarrassing moment to be beaten by a girl (woman) last week as the final total was 15-14-1 (Laura) vs. 12-19-1 (Me).  These came from the previous weeks selections (week 1) made in the comment section and you're free to also make your picks and join in on the fun.  We are currently picking both the team against the point spread and the over/under number.

Baltimore at Cincinnati +1 43
Indianapolis at Washington -5 47.5
Carolina at Atlanta -5 44
Minnesota at Green Bay PK 47
Chargers at Buffalo +9 44.5
Houston at Tennessee +2 42.5
Kansas City at Pittsburgh -5 49.5
Miami at Jets PK 43
Philadelphia at Tampa Bay +3 44
Cleveland at New Orleans -9 47.5
Arizona at Rams -11 47
Detroit at San Francisco -3 48
New England at Jacksonville PK 45
Oakland at Denver -4.5 45.5
Giants at Dallas -3 43.5
Seattle at Chicago -3 43.5

Laura finished up with 12-18-2
Ron finished up with 17-13-2